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Dear Readers: This is an announcement of a partnership between the Bitcoin Startup Lab and CryptoOracle Collective. We outline the benefits for idea to pre-seed stage startup founders for joining us in our next cohort starting on Dec 11, 2023.

As you probably know, less than 1% of startups are ready to get into an accelerator and even less than that raise pre-seed funding. This is neither due to not enough capital nor not enough accelerators because capital is actually abundant even in bear markets and accelerators can always make room for startups that have reached scientific milestones that make them investment-ready.

So what are these scientific investment-ready milestones that compel investors to invest in your startup at the pre-seed stage?

Before I share these milestones with you, let me first share with you why we are qualified to speak on this topic. Up to date, 100% of the startup teams that were able to both graduate from our super challenging pre-accelerator the Bitcoin Startup Lab, and get into an accelerator were able to raise between $500K to $1M in pre-seed funding in this current bear market. With this being said, the average funding raised for these teams dwarfs other teams that went directly to an accelerator and did not attend the pre-accelerator program.

The quick reason why Bitcoin Startup Lab is the leading Bitcoin pre-accelerator program with such great results is because we ran 21 pre-accelerator cohorts before going all in on Bitcoin Startups. We are now recruiting for our 3rd cohort with Bitcoin X AI Startups. We also work with over 100 mentors and investors focused on Bitcoin and AI to create a course like no other. Founders going through our 3-month program work with mentors, leaders of blockchain protocols on Bitcoin, ecosystem influencers, alumni, and pre-seed investors to create investment-ready startups. And now the Bitcoin Startup Lab is increasing its support in AI X Web3 startups with CryptoOracle AI X Web3 Accelerator collaboration.

During the 3-month Bitcoin Startup Lab program, you will be given the essential training and mentorship needed to build an investment-ready startup with scientific milestones that will get you funding and into the soon-to-be-launched CryptoOracle AI X Web3 Accelerator. These scientific milestones to build an investment-ready startup are:

  • Finding and empirically confirming your idea is big enough to build an investment-ready startup.
  • Exploring and developing the optimal market entry point to sustain an investment-ready startup.
  • Developing a highly efficient mindset, tool set, and muscle memory to use fewer resources to get more results to build the beginnings of a product that matters to your users and begin iterating towards product-market fit on a product that could sustain an investment-ready startup.
  • 360-degree view of the various programmability options on Bitcoin such as AI, ZK tech, Bitcoin L1-DLCs-Miniscript, L2, sidechains, and more (Yes, programmability on Bitcoin is now commensurate with Ethereum, but with the added advantage of the UTXO PoW model.) Pick the best technology for your AI X Web3 investment-ready startup.
  • Legal considerations and Web3 company formation and incorporation for your investment-ready startup.
  • Web3 business modeling, network effects, and tokenomics structure, market and technical workshops to build your investment-ready startup.
  • Forming the right team structure to build an investment-ready startup and co-founder matching opportunities where over half of the teams that make it through the program have found co-founders throughout the program.
  • At the end of this course, the Bitcoin Startup Lab program will have a Demo Day where we, a community of investors and the CryptoOracle Web3 x AI Accelerator, will listen to your startup pitch. If you achieve all scientific milestones of an investment ready startup, there is a high likelihood of getting into the CryptoOracle Web3 x AI Accelerator.

Yes, by going through both pre-accelerator and accelerator programs, you give yourself the best chance possible at fundraising for your startup so that you can build something that matters for your users and society. Up to date, the teams that have gone through the Bitcoin Startup Lab program and continued into an accelerator program have received funding 100% of the time.

The Bitcoin Startup Lab’s 3-month program will empower you to become the champion you are meant to be and enable you to build an investment-ready startup. As you can imagine a transformative program like ours is expensive to take, so the good news is that you don’t need to pay any cash. Instead we have an equity and tokens for services model where we are rewarded a small percentage of your startup based on how many milestones we can support you to reach. Specifically, we are rewarded based on these three milestones:

  1. Training, empowerment, and community: Build an investment-ready startup, the scientific way.
  2. Co-founder matching: Build an investment-ready startup team.
  3. Getting pre-pre seed funding: Successfully getting funds from our community of alumni, mentors, pre-seed funds, angel investors, and accelerators.

To learn more, apply now: If you are building a Startup with AI, Web3, and/or Bitcoin, then CryptoOracle Web3 x AI Accelerator would like to personally invite you to apply now to see if you are a match to join the Bitcoin Startup Lab 3-month pre-accelerator program to build your investment-ready startup. Making it through their 3-month program significantly increases your chances of getting angel/pre-seed funding and into the CryptoOracle Web3 x AI Accelerator that is launching in early 2024.

Our next program starts on Dec 11, 2023 so take action now.

Join the Bitcoin Startup Lab 3-month program and turn your project into an investment-ready startup!

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