How I Found My Purpose

It was 1989 when I was 12 and all the kids in my neighborhood got very comfortable allowances to buy the things they wanted. My parents were strict and did not give me an allowance. This motivated me to make money. So my first business was making bracelets from discard surfing wetsuits. And a few months later my parents caught me and banned me from doing that business. A few weeks later, when they had forgotten about the incident, I soon started another business. And then a few months later, I was caught again and banned from doing that business. And then I started another business. This went on until I move away for University.

Over the years, I have had the fortune to start many businesses in many industries. Some of them made money and many of them failed. Those failures were painful in the moment, but in 2014 I had an ephinany, a spiritual awakening of sorts, that led to the business that I do now, an ideation to cashflow startup bootcamp and pure founders community. This business allowed me to turn all those up and down business experiences into beneficial tools, methods, and results for the founders we empower. Now after several years, we are the longest standing startup ignition program in Shanghai, China.

I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not realize it at the moment, but with enough faith and courage, we may be lucky enough to realize our life’s purpose, find joy and happiness, and transfer it to others.

If you feel the same, I invite you to reach out to me. I hope to meet more like minded people!

American living in Shanghai, China for 20 years. My passion is empowering people to turn their innovative ideas into meaningful and sustainable businesses!